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New Mexico Elk Hunts

We hunt in unit 9, which is a primitive weapons only area (archery and muzzle loader) This hunt is for the person who likes a traditional experience. We drive to the top of the mountain (elevation approximately 8000 ft) so there’s no strenuous climbing but be prepared to walk several miles a day in terrain that consists mainly of flat land, but also has mesa and pinion hills. We scout along canyon rims. Bulls grow old in this terrain and they have the racks to prove it!

Spike camps are always an option if you want to stay where the elk are located for a few days or if we feel it’s necessary. Drop camps are also available for the hunter that chooses to go on his/her own.

We pack out the cape, horns and meat and take it to a processor in town. You only have to pay for cut, wrap and shipping.

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